Certified Holistic Health Coach

 “Management of my diet and weight has been a lifelong challenge for me.  I began working with Jean several months ago and have gained a greater understanding that a “one size fits all” approach to diet and weight management is not optimal.  Jean possesses a genuine interest in understanding my unique situation related to overall health goals, eating patterns, and the impacts of other variables such as career and relationships.  Using the guiding principles of the Integrative Nutrition Program, and her analysis of my responses to questions she prepares for our bi-weekly check-ins, she has provided guidance and support to help me make conscious decisions about my diet.  Even in the short time we worked together I have noticed a difference in my energy level, weight, and movement towards achieving my overall goals.

I have also found the materials provided by Jean to be very helpful.  The program offers some very practical ways to make small changes that can have a substantial impact, such as a list of healthy snack foods, or identification of the reasons for food cravings.  Additionally, Jean continually expands her knowledge so she can effectively and creatively help clients achieve their health goals.  Thanks for everything, Coach Jean!"

Nancy W. – Daly City, CA

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2011 and completed multiple months of chemotherapy and radiation which left my body depleted.   I am fortunate to have multiple health practitioners in my life to help me with my recovery, including Jean Sherr.   I began working with Jean several months ago to discuss diet options to promote healing as well as for cancer prevention.  Jean provided me with concrete dietary suggestions, which I have incorporated into my day-to-day eating.  She was a compassionate listener and it was obvious she spent extensive time sourcing dietary suggestions and articles that were beneficial for my situation.   Jean provided me with dietary suggestions to address general body inflammation to help promote my overall health.  I really appreciate working with Jean and I hope to continue working with her in the future.”


Jennifer S – Daly City, CA













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