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Facts About Autoimmune Conditions

  • The National Institute of Health estimates up to 23.5 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease (by comparison cancer affects up to 9 million annually). This number accounts for those who are currently diagnosed. 
  • The number is growing rapidly and anyone who has been diagnosed with an Autoimmune Condition knows that the time between symptom onset and diagnosis can be years.
  • The NIH also estimates that the annual direct health care costs for all Autoimmune Conditions to be $100 billion, compared to cancer costs of $57 billion annually.
  • There are usually two major causes of autoimmune disease:  genetics and environment.    A close genetic relationship exists among autoimmune diseases, explaining clustering in individuals and families.
  • Clusters of specific autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus exist in neighborhoods where there are known environmental toxins.  
  • Extreme fatigue is a common symptom shared by people suffering a wide variety of Autoimmune Diseases.
  • There are 100 known Autoimmune Conditions.
  • Symptoms can be improved and Autoimmune Diseases can be reversed or avoided altogether through the right combination of nutrition, stress management, and other lifestyle changes.

    Coach Jean


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